Designed exclusively for in vehicle air purification

Twin fans release purified air at both ends, delivering 22ft³ per minute

The HEPA filter cleans the air of 99.97%+ of particles and the nano-carbon filter removes 99% of noxious gases including VOC’s

Fills your vehicle space with clean air, creating your own air bubble

Rigorously crash tested to meet highest safety standards by Euro NCAP

Designed with portability in mind. Powered by 12 v (USB / vehicular outlet) is also effective in home offices, small personal spaces and on the move.


The AirBubbl provides purified air for vehicle occupants, delivering 38 cubic metres of clean air every hour, removing both Particulate Matter and noxious gases. Its flexible design means it can be instantly attached to and from car seat headrests or mounted in driver cabins.

Price: 5.700,- CZK (without VAT)