Versatile air purifier for every space

Patented technology: combines HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light to trap and destroy pathogens

5 airflow speeds: quietly cleans up to 270 CFM

WiFi connectivity: allows remote operation and smart usage

Portable: net weight of just 22lbs, easily carried by the handle

Independently certified: proven by the DTI to remove 99.99% of smoke particles in a 700ft3 room within 30 minutes


The Compact is a small flexible unit suited to home and small office room environments. It has 5 airflow setting increments delivering between 90 and 400m3/hour of purified air. Fully certified and independently tested, the Compact utilises H13 HEPA filtration to trap 99.97% of Particulate Matter and pathogens (viruses and bacteria) as well as a germicidal UVC lamp
that illuminates the filter surface so that it is constantly sterilised.

Price: 22.700,- CZK (without VAT)