A hospital grade air purification unit effectively removes particulate matter and pathogens from the air.

Rensair AirBubbl

The AirBubbl provides purified air for vehicle occupants, delivering 38 cubic metres of clean
air every hour, removing both Particulate Matter and noxious gases. Its flexible design means it can be instantly attached to and from car seat headrests or mounted in driver cabins.

Rensair Compact

The Compact is a small flexible unit suited to home and small office room environments. It
has 5 airflow setting increments delivering between 90 and 400m3/hour of purified air. Fully
certified and independently tested, the Compact utilises H13 HEPA filtration to trap 99.97% of Particulate Matter and pathogens (viruses and bacteria) as well as a germicidal UVC lamp
that illuminates the filter surface so that it is constantly sterilised.

Rensair Core

The Core unit delivers between 300 and 560 m3/hour of purified air. It is suitable for large indoor spaces and units can be combined in modular fashion to cover very large spaces.
Independent tests demonstrate its air cleaning capabilities, providing Log2 particle clearance in under 2 minutes in a 45m3 room, irrespective of where the unit is placed. The Core unit utilises the same technology as the Compact, is simple to operate and safe and straightforward to maintain.

Removing PM and Pathogens by air purification, using well engineered and independently tested machines, is an efficient way to make up for the lack of fresh air ventilation.

Examples: Diesel and Petrol particulates, Smoke, Dust, Dirt, Covid-19, common flu, cold, mould, pollen
Cause: Car pollution, forest fires, cooking and catering, poor building materials, infected individuals exhaling aerosols containing pathogens
Risk factors: External ambient air, shared spaces, high occupancy, energetic exercise, poor ventilation
Mitigation: Air purification or fresh air dilutio